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This fish made me sorely miss Kim Jong Il

According to state propaganda, the Dear Leader thought ahead to leave dead fish for his people to enjoy.
Dear kim jong il north korea 2011 10 04Enlarge
Kim Jong Il. (Alexander Nemenov/AFP/Getty Images)

Merry Christmas, from Kim Jong Il.

This footage from North Korean state media, circulating the web on Christmas Eve day, is pretty amazing. It shows people waiting in line to receive dead fish that has ostensibly been provided for them by the dearly departed Kim Jong Il.

They seem as happy to receive the fish, as they are sad that their Dear Leader isn't there to enjoy it with them.

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"When I received these pollacks and herrings, I was sorely missing Kim Jong Il," one woman says through tears at the grocery store.

The footage is testament to the fact that even the death of its leadr won't derail North Korea's propaganda machine.

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