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Update: the Baba Ramdev show

Baba claims to be raising an army, docs vote to force feed him, he clarifies and takes a vow of silence, all while NDTV wonders if "tamasha" has taken over the "real issue" in the anti-corruption fight
Baba ramdev 2011 6 6Enlarge
Indian spiritual guru Baba Ramdev speaks to his supporters during his fast against corruption in New Delhi on June 4, 2011. (Raveendran/AFP/Getty Images)

Maybe you thought the Baba Ramdev show was over when the cops ran him out of Delhi disguised in women's clothes. But he was just getting warmed up. Here's the latest.

Yesterday, he warned that the next time he comes to Delhi, his followers would be armed, and claimed he is raising a militia of 11,000 volunteers to take up weapons in the fight against corruption.

But when the government called him no better than the Maoist revolutionaries currently blowing up schools and police stations around the country, he pointed out that his army would be nationalists, not Maoists (never mind that he has no ties to the Hindu nationalist tribe) and promptly took a vow of silence.  (I think he'll find that one much tougher than fasting).

Meanwhile, doctors advised that he should promptly be force fed to make sure he keeps on keeping on, and NDTV began to wonder (belatedly) if "tamasha" (i.e. the circus) has begun to distract from the real issue of corruption and the fight against it.

I'd say the tamasha began on day one, and that's all it has ever been.  Wait until after the Lokpal is fully in force and nothing changes....



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