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Mogadishu as it once was

Old photos from Mogadishu show the city's beauty before famine and war.
Mogadishu 2011 11 18Enlarge
A photo of Mogadishu from the Indian Ocean in 1952. (-/Wikimedia commons)

Many years ago, before successive bouts of civil war turned Somalia’s capital to bullet-pocked rubble, Mogadishu was a beautiful place.

Visitors can still see echoes of that long-gone splendor in the curving facades of eviscerated buildings or the delicate stonework on an orphaned wall, but for the most part it is a city of destruction.

Foreign Policy has done a good job of compiling some old sepia-tinged postcards and photographs from Mogadishu’s glory days. It’s a rare insight into a time before war in Somalia.

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